Shy Tiefling Bard missing her left horn


“Orphaned” as a teenager Faint lived in the Lost Peaks for a year before a jolly Gnome Bard, Aliaga Graveltoes, discovered her. It was unclear to Faint why Aliaga bothered with her, but soon the girl had found at least a handful of ways to be useful to the Gnome. For one, Faint could write well in the common tongue, and functioned as both a scribe and muse of sorts. Aliaga had lived a life of sunshine and comedy, her songs and rhymes made for easy drinking, but to her own admission lacked a “certain misery” that townsfolk had increasingly come to expect. To Faint, misery was in excess supply and though she was not a gifted singer or flutist, she was an astute writer. And so it was that for a decade Faint travelled with her Gnome companion, hidden in the shadows, but in a state of peace.

Until Aliaga, old, drunk and joyful, died in her sleep leaving Faint, once again, aimless.

Now, only months after her companion’s death, Faint has found herself with a small merchant caravan heading towards Red Larch. She carries only a small sack of supplies and a pan flute that once belonged to a dear, dear friend.


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